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PNG Coffee Journal (Special Issue)

Aranka, J., Apis, B., Asiota, B., Bafeo, M., Bekio, J., Curry, G.N., Hamago, M., Inu, S.M., Kiup, E., Koczberski, G., Togonave, P. & Webb, M. (2021).  Smallholder Farmers’ Knowledge of Coffee Pests and Diseases in Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. PNG Coffee Journal 15(1), 23-29.

Curry, G.N., Koczberski, G., Inu, S.M. & Hamago, M., Kiup, E., Aranka, J., Bekio, J., Apis, B. & Togonave, P. (2021).  Socio-economic constraints on smallholder coffee production in the Papua New Guinea highlands: the case of labour. PNG Coffee Journal 15(1), 14-22.

Kalwij, J. (2021). A reflection on the Papua New Guinea coffee industry: facing reality.  PNG Coffee Journal 15(1), 49-53.

Kiup, E., Webb. M.J., Placzek, C.J. & Nelson, P.N. (2021). Managing nutrient stocks and movement in smallholder gardens in Bena, Papua New Guinea. PNG Coffee Journal 15(1), 30-38.

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Sengere, R.W. & Curry, G.N. (2021). Introduction. PNG Coffee Journal 15(1), 1-2. (Introduction to a special issue of the PNG Coffee Journal).

Sengere, R.W., Curry, G.N., Koczberski, G. & Labun, M. (2021). Market-driven Extension Services: targeted interventions to increase coffee productivity and improve quality among PNG smallholder farmers. PNG Coffee Journal 15(1), 39-48.