COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea: information, expert commentary and media

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Papua New Guinea is now 655 (30/11/2020). Although reported case numbers remain low, low testing rates, particularly outside of Port Moresby, means there is concern the actual number of infections may be higher. If the virus begins to spread within PNG, it will be difficult to contain given the poor health infrastructure in the country and the limited capacity of the state. Its spread and impact will highlight the capacity of households to respond and adapt their livelihood and farming systems to the pandemic. It will also reflect how social and economic inequalities within communities’ structure levels of vulnerability. Those living in high density informal settlements within the major towns and cities seem particularly vulnerable.

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In an attempt to keep people informed on the spread of COVID-19 in PNG and its impacts, we are providing links to websites and articles that provide useful and relevant information (compiled in reverse chronological order). The content and views expressed in these articles are those of the authors, and not those of the Pacific Livelihoods Research Group.


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The report above examines the existing food system vulnerabilities being exposed or amplified by the COVID-19 shock, and looks at how this information can be used to inform future research and development to support food systems resilience in the Indo-Pacific. The COVID-19 crisis is examined through the lens of food and nutrition security, primarily from the perspective of smallholder farmers and fishers.

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Health clinic in remote Western Province, PNG. 1.
Health clinic in remote Western Province, PNG. 2.
Health clinic in remote Western Province, PNG. 3.
Health clinic in remote Western Province, PNG. 4.
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