2021 Seminars

14th April 2021

Seminar 1 – Dr Myrtille Lacoste. Knowledge Networks in Pacific Subsistence Agriculture

16th June 2021

Seminar 2 – Dr Mike Bourke OL. Impact of Covid-19 in Papua New Guinea

21st July 2021

Seminar 3 – Prof. George Curry. The Influence of Socio-cultural Factors in Technology Adoption in the Developing World

18th August 2021

Seminar 4 – Dr Timothy Sharp & Dr Mark Busse. Changes in PNG’s Marketplaces

15th September 2021

Seminar 5 – Robyn Slarke (Curtin). Praxis Amongst the Painted Bones: Working with Huli Women and Village Court Magistrates, 1991- 2011 and beyond