Pacific Livelihoods researchers published in Oceania special issue

The recently published special issue of Oceania 89(2) on “Marketplaces and Morality in Papua New Guinea” features contributions from Pacific Livelihoods researchers George Curry, Gina Koczberski, Susan May Inu, Mark Busse and Tim Sharp.

The special issue includes the following papers:

MARK BUSSE AND TIMOTHY L. M. SHARP – Marketplaces and Morality in Papua New Guinea: Place, Personhood and Exchange

MICHELLE NAYAHAMUI ROONEY – Sharing What Can Be Sold: Women Haus Maket Vendors in Port Moresby’s Settlements

FIONA HUKULA – Morality and a Mosbi Market

TIMOTHY L. M. SHARP – Haggling Highlanders: Marketplaces, Middlemen and Moral Economy in the Papua New Guinean Betel Nut Trade

MARK BUSSE – Morality and the Concept of the Market Seller among Gehamo

OLIVIA BARNETT-NAGHSHINEH – Shame and Care: Masculinities in the Goroka Marketplace

GEORGE N. CURRY, GINA KOCZBERSKI AND SUSAN MAY INU – Women’s and Men’s Work: The Production and Marketing of Fresh Food and Export Crops in Papua New Guinea

CHRIS GREGORY – Markets and Morality in Papua New Guinea: Some Comparative and Historical Comments

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